How you can support


"Kids & Smile" operates by membership fees and donations.
We are inviting new members who agree with our purpose to help build a bright future for Africa and Cambodia.

About our membership fees

Individual Support Membership Fee2,000YEN(per bite)
Firm Membership Fee10,000YEN(per bite)
You can't receive a tax deduction on the membership fee.

Your donation is always welcome with grateful thanks.

We will send a newsletter bi-annually, and invitations to all those who support us.

How to donate

Postal transfer
Subscriber nameSubscriber name

Bank transfer
Banck nameMizuho Bank-Koujimati Branch
Store number021
Account 1520434
Subscriber nameSubscriber name

If you call us or send an e-mail, we will send a postal transfer receipt

Phone number +81-03-4405-4067
E-mail address