Our activities

We plan to implement projects that meet the local conditions and demands.

Support in Cambodia

Exposure trips
We will visit the facilities where we are providing support and we will directly conduct an interview with the manager in 2019, and we are planning to stay there and take part in the activities on or after 2020.

Project of "A mound of rubbish"
We provided the salaries for one year of two teachers who are working at a day-care center for children (Japan Lay Missionary Movement). They are providing support for the people who are living in a garbage dump at Stung Meanchey, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

カンボジアの子ども1 カンボジアの子ども4 カンボジアの子ども2

Support in Africa

Our support through "Sisters of the Company of Mary"
We get the latest information regularly and plan to financially support and implement projects that meet the local conditions and demands.

Our support in 2019
The eastern part of Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo is experiencing chaos brought by conflicts between governmental forces and armed groups, and tension between tribes. It is the women and children who are always the most vulnerable in these situations. They have become refugees, seeking for a safe space and they came to the facilities, such as the school and hospital, which are managed by the "Sisters of the Company of Mary". We provide support for the children, youth, and women who are vulnerable and also provide teaching materials, food, and medical advice.

アフリカの子ども1 アフリカの子ども4 アフリカの子ども2

Support in Japan

Lectures and Photo exhibition in Japan
We hope that through the lectures and photo exhibition, it will help more people become familiar with the situation in places where we provide support. The lecture presented by those who work in Cambodia and Africa will help you to know more about the local conditions.

Charity event
We will hold a charity event to provide you with a place to communicate with us and extend more support. In the spring of 2020, we are planning to hold a pipe organ concert in Tokyo. Please see the schedule for more information.

We will continue with our efforts to announce about the activities of "Kids & Smile" by reports, newsletters and Facebook to the patrons.


Annual Activity Report and Next Year's Activity Plan

(Sorry Japanese only)

Frsical Year 2018 Activity Report and Next Fisical Year Activity Plan (PDF)

Frsical Year 2019 Activity Report and Next Fisical Year Activity Plan (PDF)

Frsical Year 2020 Activity Report and Next Fisical Year Activity Plan (PDF)


Annual Financial Reports

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Frsical Year 2018 Financial Reports (PDF)

Frsical Year 2019 Financial Reports (PDF)

Frsical Year 2020 Financial Reports (PDF)


Newsletter: "Smiling" (as a PDF file)

We will publish a newsletter, "Smiling", half-yearly. We will send it to the supporting members and we will also release it online(Sorry Japanease only).

December, 2019Smiling (PDF)

July, 2020Smiling (PDF)

March, 2021NewsLetter (PDF)

July, 2022Smiling (PDF)

March, 2022Smiling (PDF)


Photo galleries

We will release photos and videos which were taken during exposure trips.
This is currently being prepared.